domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Random traditional and digital sketches that are all over the place

I guess I still have a soft spot for blogs even though I don't upload mine that often. I have my feedly account with over 400 art blog subscriptions, and I still think they are an amazing resource for illustrations, paintings and goodies straight from the artist's hands. So in an effort to keep it alive, I'm updating my old sketch blog with some new-ish sketches.

Most all of these are last year's. Some were really quick sketches without any aim, some others I put a lot of effort into. I didn't arrange them chronologically because no one cares, but I did separate them into a digital and traditional batch. 


This one started with me wanting to draw something with a ton of movement and energy, so the jumping guy happened. After giving him the ultraman-esque mask and suit I decided to expand it into a whole scene, and wanted to exaggerate the energy with someone on  the receiving end of the K-Pow! After the B/W version was ready I decided on a very quick triad color scheme mainly because I never use it and I have to say, I do kinda like this one a lot.

This one's straight up made for Egoraptor's #cutiesaturday. Nothing too special about it, but I kinda love the theme of cute girl taking care of hardcore mechanical stuff. 

This digital sketch started with a buff silhouette, but I wanted to dress him in something a little more uncommon, hence the cargo shorts, wifebeater and jacket. The anchor was a weird weapon choice but there you go...

I actually put a lot of time into this one. Is based on an old RPG character (10 to 11 years old?) I had called "Wrok Hurt". This one's reimagined of course, with updated armor, weapon and a loot carrying Komodo dragon 'cause why not? I grabbed a ton of influence from Will Kirby (@chamonkee in twitter), specially when adding the pouch details. The sad thing is that this is not even close to how good his stuff is, but I did learn a lot from looking at his stuff!

A retro space lady. I love this minimalistic approach at drawing a girl's face that Mingjue Chen and Britnney Lee do incredibly well (which I personally believe stems from the amazing Mary Blair).
This is my attempt at that, with a "retro-futuristic" spin that I love with light-bulb lasers and all.
I like this one.

This one actually took me a little while as well. I wanted to make a plausible vehicle, flexing my industrial design muscle. At the time I was working as a toy designer at Lanard Toys, and this was an attempt to mix what I had learned into my personal stuff. I actually think this one came out really well, I wouldn't mind having a toy of this Mad Max-like pig/threaded motorbike combo.

Hahahaha! This one's not a sketch. It was a christmas gift for my younger brother, aptly named "Merry F*ckn Christmas!".

This one. I thought of this one while in a meeting. For some reason I do get some pretty good/different ideas when I'm in meetings. I come up with themes, poses and ideas that I wouldn't normally come up with on my own. Now that I'm looking at it again, I think the head is too big and the upper portion of the leg too long... but I like the pose and the costume. C+.

Traditional sketchbook

From here on is my traditional stuff! Pencil, ink and paper. I do put more effort into these because is harder to erase and after you finish it stays like that. No liquify, no hue/saturation, no ink-erasing. I believe you make more progress learning from traditional because of this. But that's just my opinion... 

Nice! Did this one to celebrate 500 likes in my facebook page! Ink, orange ink, markers and gold gel to finish this one off. Robots and animals. Still love the theme :)

And shortly after I got 500 followers in Instagram, which I celebrated with a pizza delivery boy fulfilling his duty, because most milestones are celebrated with pizza. 

I was asked to gift a drawing for a raffle to raise funds towards the worst wildfires in Chile's history. Still faithful to animals and robots, I decided to go with a Chilean Puma and a couple of Kingfishers shooting water blasts with a firefighter robot. It took me 3 attempts (because I smudged the previous 2...) but I do like the final result. 

This one's just a sketchbook spread, with some ancient rock temples and watercolor characters.

And she's a Bobba Fett inspired bounty hunter. To be completely honest... I like the little robot the most. I should use it for something else...

This one was super fun, actually. Started with a very "elastic" pose, added an oversized bomb-thrower, some space goldfish and rockets and there you go! I like how this page looks. I took a some inspiration from Tank Girl when adding little details here and there.

Robots and Animals! Again! a little fox and a giant rat in a mech-suit battle. I want to develop the centerpiece further now that I'm looking at it again. I think the use of SFX is pretty effective in this one. I definitely want/need to explore that more!

The remaining ones are Inktober attempts that I clearly failed to keep up to 'til the end of the month... as usual. To be fair, I was transitioning between jobs, finding a new apartment, studying for my driver's license, taking the test and driving exam, getting health insurance, getting boxes, packing, moving and losing my sanity. Everything worked though! And I have a great job drawing and painting which in the end, is what I've always aimed to in life. I'm pretty happy right now :) 

Adventurer kid with his fish-in-a-floating-submarine companion. And headphones. 

I always thought of this guy as a generic minion in a bump-mech suit. Is what would fill the boss' army in this non-existant robot world.

Valentine's correspondence with a pink-haired futuristic rollerblade mail-lady. I actually like this one a lot :)

Ha! This guy was borderline cheating. I still wanted to deliver that day's inktober, but I was horribly swamped and dealing with a ton of things (as described above). So I scribbled this face. Is alright, I think.

I remember exactly when I came up with this guy. It was a window of tranquility, I got myself a cup of coffee and a pastry and thought of a tattooed dude with a full time job. It actually felt awesome to have time to dedicate solely to my sketchbook. This one brings good memories. 

Minion Mech number 2. I like this design a lot, from the shoulder pads, the hatch to the chunky sword and skull deco. Feels pretty functional. 

And this was the last sketch of this specific sketchbook. I wanted tattoos, swords, pink, animu, headphones, pouches and shoulder pads, and is exactly what I did. I drew it in the last day of Inktober and also happens to be the last drawing of this post.  

If you read everything I truly thank you. I guess that's a little peek into the past 5 months of my life. I've drawn a lot more, but I haven't pictured or scanned everything in my sketchbook, and I also cannot share most stuff from my previous and current job. I have been practicing more though, trying to get better, polishing anatomy and color, which are two major dents in my arsenal (is that an expression? I hope so).

Hope you all have a magnificent day, week and month.


domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

Robo-Car Fauna, Warriors and San Cristobal de las Casas

This has been a strange sketching period for me. I've been mixing animals, robots, warriors and soldiers, different kinds of sketching, inking, coloring and painting. It's been super fun, but far from cohesive (although, the one cohesive thing I found out after collecting them to put them in here is that they're all looking to the left... no idea why).

Anyway, I've been doing a bunch of different characters, looking for a method of drawing/sketching/painting that's not too time consuming, feels good and (hopoefully) looks good as well. To practice that I did a bunch of cute animals with their car-based-robots, which is something I've been wanting to do for a little while. I'll keep doing them, they are super fun!

Ford T-Rex

Ford T-Rex sketch

Cadillac Raccoon

Hot Rod Pig

Citroën 3CV Cat

This came out while watching mr ChaseFace in Youtube. Cool dude, cool voice, good game/anime analysis. Love every new video he puts out.

Will Kirkby blew my mind away with his armored warriors. They look simple but intricate with outstanding armor designs. I found out on the last day his kickstarter was on and I'm so glad I gave money for his new comic because I'll devour that as soon as I get it, to see if I can draw as half as good as him.
Mongolian Warrior

And still with his influence in the back of my head, I decided to do something a bit more stylized but respecting anatomy a little more than usual. I've been too cartoony lately...

These are sketches based on  my trip to San Cristobal de las Casas, in Mexico. Gorgeous place, gorgeous city, delicious food and cool people from all around the world. Loved it.  

Saw this dog on top of a roof top and made me a bit nostalgic for Santiago.

All houses were paired, and this is how I imagined how would a single house look.

And these... these are old sketches I did at work, in between assignments.  Small cool-off sketches that I eventually inked.
Machine arm dude

The Young traveller

That's it for now. I want to draw more this year, so hopefully you'll see more of me in the future! Maybe I'll put some of these in a book? Let's see!

Have a good one! 

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

Grumps, Space People, doodles and a Kaiju

Here's a Game Grumps fanart I did a while ago!
I wanted to submit this one to a fan-made art book that the community put together, but I couldn't submit 'cause was moving to a new place in a different city. It was finished like a month after I was finally settled in the new home... I'll try again next year!

Preparation sketch to figure out the composition and layout.

Final piece

Moving on, I've been on a space kick lately. I specially love how people thought the future would be in the 50's. I've seen people calling it retro-future or paleo-future if you wanna check it out.

Rocket packs and retro-light-bulb lasers are so awesome!

I drew this one while waiting for my train home from Blizzcon. It was heavily influenced by Winston, from Overwatch.

Space chick.

This one started as a doodle, and ended up as a little Commander Holly fan art. For some reason a onesie retro space-suit felt alright for her :)

 Some random sketches, playing with a bit of  old school blue pencilled rendering.

More sketching. Testing out some gold and silver gel pens. They look pretty good and shiny in my sketchbook.

A little stroll with a fallen angel. Playing around with different kinds of brushpens.

The following pages from my sketchbook were a bit of an experiment. Very often I see spiky "triangular" hair on anime that helps creating the coolest silhouettes. I absolutely love that, but you can only create so many until they start looking alike.
I've seen some "rounder" hair as well, usually in more cartoony stuff, as well as in two of my current favorite artists: Anthony Holden, an amazing animator and comic book artist and Guillaume Singelin, another absolutely awesome comic book artist and illustrator. And because they do it I know it looks good, and I've played with that roundness a bit and is super enjoyable. But I'm not very sure if I've seen many "squared" protruding hair, and I wanted to see how it looked... and I personally kinda liked it, and got carried away.

Started sketching with some "round" hair...

And eventually switched to some square-ish heads and ended up playing around with poses for this character. 

These are quickies of people at the Airport.

 And these are some quick cool-offs before going to sleep.

To finalize this post, a monster I did for a contest that I didn't submit, because I ended up submitting a giant dinosaur having coffee in his underwear.

I remember it took me a while to get good references for this one, and it was very satisfactory to see everything shaping up nicely.

In the end I decided to go for the more cartoony route, because I was building my portfolio towards that direction, and didn't wanted to have a piece that felt too alien to the whole collection (even though I did ended up including it in a "various" category).

That's it for now. Hope you have a great weekend!


domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Robots, Cats, a failed Inktober and an Ork's birthday

It's been a while! 
I haven't been sketching as much as I would like to, because I have a job now. It's a pretty unlikely job though... I'm a Toy Designer. And is pretty awesome. Not only I get to brainstorm, doodle and sketch a lot, I get to build stuff and make packaging art for a ton of different toys. I've been there for 3 months and I still cannot believe it!

Here are some sketches I've done:

 Celebrating my 200 followers in Instagram =)
 Just a BA robot
 A robo-mechanic
 And my first Ink for Inktober: Infiltration
 Sneaking in
 The hangar
 An unrelated hipster chick with a gun
 and a cat riding a scooter-like robot
And this was a present for one of my best friends in the whole world, mister Sebastian Zegers, also known as Ork. Check him out here and here! He rocks.

Have a good one people!